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New Citro├źn C4 Cactus

29 Oct 2017 - New C4 Cactus naturally expresses its distinctive nature through a new, broad and expressive front end, restyled wings and doors, and a new rear end design.

It shakes up the conventional cues in the compact hatchback segment through its well-proportioned shape, forming a pure and powerful body profile. The model's 2.60m wheelbase and short overhangs ensure compact dimensions for excellent agility and handling, while providing all the spaciousness expected in this segment. It features classic Citroën graphic elements underscoring the body shape, including Airbump® panels on the lower parts of the doors, a floating roof, Citroën’s signature two-tier front end and a broad 3D-effect LED light signature at the rear. New C4 Cactus offers 31* exterior customisation possibilities, with nine body colours and four Colour Packs allowing each customer to express their own individual personality. Inside, the uncluttered and welcoming cabin immediately inspires a feeling of serenity. No fewer than five* interior ambiances are on offer, providing a choice of bright, soft and refined finishes for the cabin.

New C4 Cactus takes advantage of all the components of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme. It boasts extraordinary ride comfort thanks to the implementation of the new suspension system with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions™ (PHC), which filters out road imperfections and gives passengers the feeling of travelling on a magic carpet. It is also the first model in the world to feature Citroën’s new Advanced Comfort seats. Similarly, New C4 Cactus makes a generational leap in terms of acoustic insulation and refinement. The New C4 Cactus also sees changes in terms of its equipment specification, thanks to the provision of 12 driver assistance systems and three connectivity technologies. The car's high-performance and efficient engines also contribute to the pleasure and peace-of-mind felt at the wheel.

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